Sunday, June 19, 2011

Beerfest (18 Jun 2011)

$40 entry

Tokens were used instead of cash

SB-600 flash pouch makes wonderful beer bottle holder!


Beer log~
1) Kronenbourg
2) Kronenbourg
3) Somersby - Nice
4) Mac's hop rocker pilsener
5) Lychee beer - no lychee taste
6) Tui - Too gases
7) Magners
8) Mac's ??? (can't remember)

More pictures: Beerfest (18 Jun 2011)

The Doll Affair (18 Jun 2011)

More pictures: The Doll Affair (18 Jun 2011)

Monday, June 06, 2011

Red Carpet Gala Premiere (6 Jun 2011)

"Japan Night featuring Paradise Kiss and May’n The Movie" at The Cathay. Probably wouldn't want to attempt another red carpet event.

5:41pm - Secured a reasonably good position, but everyone was chased off for some ??? reasons???

6:05pm - Reposition and the crew re-allowed public to enter the zone they cleared previously for ??? reasons???

6:09pm - Cosplayers appearance... Sasuke's hair looks very flat...

6:13pm - The cosplayers on stage are not done yet and the next pair had to wait at the carpet - poor coordination

6:14pm - The host announced the arrival of ???, and the guests were intercepted by media for interview leaving the crowd wondering what is going on. Obvious poor coordination again and same mistake kept repeating throughout.

6:48pm - Aya Omasa - a wasted shot due to large number of crews moving within the red carpet area

6:49pm - Media crowding over Aya Omasa

6:56pm - Another media intercepted Aya Omasa for exclusive interview

7:03pm - *Yawn~

7:13pm - Arrival of May’n (May Nakabayashi)

7:19pm - Gave up

More pictures: Red Carpet Gala Premiere (6 Jun 2011)