Sunday, November 30, 2014

IDC: Road to become a PADI Instructor (OWSI)

Becoming a PADI Dive Master

PADI bag with tons of materials to study

The PADI IDC was not an easy course. There are multiple classes, staff presentations, preparations, trainings. It was challenging to juggle between work and the classes.

Need coffee... And snacks to keep going...

I must be stupid...OWD final exam Question #26: What is the signal in the diagram.. I chose "I am thirsty"

9 Nov pool session. Going through the 24 skills again

15 Nov pool session. Confined Water Dive presentation

Pool session and Hantu weekend (22 & 23 Nov 14)

Unforeseen circumstance that almost made me postpone the IE

Bought a second hand laptop from Carousell for $110

Judgement day

The value of CESA can be found in your PADI Open Water Manual page 169: "The greatest value of Controlled Emergency Swimming Ascent training is knowing you can do it."

Assessment at Hantu was quick


Thanks Rick for the book



Instructor Application Fee: $212 AUD
Instructor Exam Fee: $760 AUD


PADI Instructor Exam assessment (over 2 days)

1. Dive Theory Exam - Classroom: 1.5hrs for 60 MCQ for the following topics

  • Physics
  • General Skills & Environment
  • RDP - Recreational Dive Planner
  • Physiology
  • Equipment

2. PADI Standards & Procedures exam - Classroom: 1.5hrs for 50 True/False and MCQ

3. Knowledge Development Teaching Presentation - Classroom

4. Confined Water Teaching Presentations - Pool

  • Confined Water Presentations (1 random skills)
  • Confined Water Skills (5 random skills)

5. Open Water Presentations - Open Water

  • Present 2 random skills from Open Water assignment
  • Rescue Exercise 7 Demonstration

Useful guides at

Sunday, November 23, 2014

IDC Pool session and Hantu (22 & 23 Nov 14)

Surface skill


On the way to Pulau Hantu

Limited visibility

Copperband butterfly fishes

Incoming storm

More pictures: IDC Pool session and Hantu (22 & 23 Nov 14)

Saturday, November 15, 2014

IDC Pool session (15 Nov 2014)

Pool session again

Setting up the line

Hovering skill

No mask swim

Lift bag

Compass navigation

More pictures: IDC Pool session (15 Nov 2014)

Sunday, November 09, 2014

IDC Pool session (9 Nov 2014)

Testing a different GoPro setup

Poor Viz again

Found a NCC dummy rifle

More pictures: IDC Pool session (9 Nov 2014)

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Class 3 Driving Licence

Class 3C Enrolment and Theory lesson: $155.15
Provisional Driving Licence: $25

Basic theory test ($6) passed on 27 Feb 14 (Single attempt)
Final theory test ($6) passed on 8 Apr 14 (Single attempt)

29 lessons...

1st Attempt Failed Traffic Police test on 6 Jul 14 ($200.56)

2nd Attempt Passed Traffic Police test on 5 Nov 14 (Achievement unlocked!)

Application of photo licence: $50

Approximate total cost: $3100