Monday, June 29, 2015

OWD and AOWD at Dayang (26 - 28 Jun 2015)

My 6th teaching dive: OWD + AOWD

Dive #1
Location: Teluran
Max depth: 8.2m
Average depth: 4.3m
Bottom time: 38min (1143H - 1221H)

Dive #2
Location: Atlantis Bay
Max depth: 11.2m
Average depth: 5.5m
Bottom time: 29min (1439H - 1508H)

Dive #3
Location: Lang Bay
Max depth: 9.6m
Average depth: 6.1m
Bottom time: 35min (1713H - 1748H)

Dive #4
Location: Dayang House Reef
Max depth: 12.1m
Average depth: 8.8m
Bottom time: 39min (1924H - 2003H)
*Night Dive


Dive #5
Location: Dayang Tip
Max depth: 24.4m
Average depth: 10.4m
Bottom time: 25min (0832H - 0857H)

Dive #6
Location: Batu Kuti
Max depth: 12.2m
Average depth: 7.8m
Bottom time: 41min (1017H - 1058H)



Tuas Checkpoint

Mcdonalds for pitstop

Group photo before dive

Interaction time

Drinking wine with bowl


Moray eel

Group photo

Stickers time

Log book of stickers...

... and instax

More pictures: OWD and AOWD at Dayang (26 - 28 Jun 2015)

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Tour to Democratic People's Republic of Korea (30 May - 6 Jun 2015)

Organised by DPRK360 and ClubSNAP


Flight details:

Singapore to Beijing (SIN to PEK): CA970 0015 - 0610
Beijing to Pyongyang (PEK to FNJ): JS152 1305 - 1605

Pyongyang to Beijing (FNJ to PEK): JS151 0850 - 0950
Beijing to Singapore (PEK to SIN): CA969 1535 - 2140


30 May 15

Checking in at Changi Airport Terminal 1

Arrived at Beijing International Airport terminal 3

Taking a shuttle bus to terminal 2

Chicken feet in vending machine

Checking in for Pyongyang. Extremely strict on check-in baggage.

Multiple forms to fill up

Air Koryo T204 (P-633)


Inside the plane

Safety video on Air Koryo

Arch of Triumph 개선문 凱旋門

TV tower

Fixing the cables of the tram

Yanggakdo Hotel


The room



Nice view from the window

First meal at DPRK

Relatively empty restaurant


Other hotel facilities

Tried to walk out of the hotel, but it was too dark outside

Night view


31 May 15


Kim Il Sung Square

Traffic lady

The Kim Il Sung Square has markings, most likely for parade use

Taking the public bus

Juche Tower 주체사상탑 主體思想塔: We were unable to visit it because it was under renovation. Same goes to the "Monument to Party Founding".

Changchung Cathedral (장충성당; 長忠聖堂)



Traffic lady

Puhŭng station 부흥 (復興), Pyongyang Metro 평양 지하철, Chŏllima Line 천리마선 (千里馬線)

Long escalator - about 2min 40sec

Beautiful station

In the train with the locals

Kaesŏn station 개선(凱旋)

Chongryu Hotpot Restaurant

Cat Meow~

Hotpot lunch

Ice-cream from Shopping Centre at 光夏地区商业中心


Mansudae Art Studio 만수대창작사 萬壽臺創作社

Liberation Tower - on Moran Hill

Local s singing and dancing in the park

Public toilet in Moran Hill

Water for washing hand

평양학생소년궁전 (Pyongyang Schoolchildren's Palace)


Standing in the middle of the street to take photos

Potongmun 보통문 普通門 : Listed as National Treasure #3 in North Korea, it stands together with a modern building directly behind it; a common sight in Seoul, South Korea as well which sees a combination of old and new architecture.

Ryugyong Hotel 류경호텔


Haemaji Coffee Bar

Night scene



1 Jun 15

Panorama from Yanggakdo Hotel

Morning fog

Public toilet at the pitstop

DMZ Panmunjom 판문점 板門店, where the 1953 Korean Armistice Agreement that paused the Korean War was signed.

Soldier matching off from his position

South Korea just on the opposite side of the line

Janam Hill: Kim IL Sung statue in Kaesong



Koryo Songgyungwan University 고려성균관


Tomb of Wanggun 왕건왕릉 王建王陵

Arch of Reunification 조국통일3대헌장기념탑 祖國統一三大憲章紀念塔

A scene that looks like a typical HDB setting in Singapore

Duck meat bbq


2 Jun 15

Early morning 3:45am

Tomb of Tongmyong 동명왕릉 東明王陵

Chongrung Temple (정릉사/定陵寺)

Coca-Cola in DPRK

Snake wine

Lunch at Wonsan

Visit to farm

Inside a local home

Pitstop at Sijungho Rest House (Wonsan Beach)

Checked-in Kumgangsan Hotel


The room


Song performance

Cat in the restaurant


3 Jun 15

Hiking at Kumgangsan 금강산

Very clear water

Kuryong Water fall - As it was dry season, there was not much water

Cheers before lunch


Crab dish was the best

熊胆 Bear bile

Lake Samilpo (삼일포/三日浦)

HaeKumgang 해금강 海金刚 - a destination that is very close to the South Korea (about 4km)

Received South Korean signal

Dog at Sijungho Rest House (Wonsan Beach)

Dog's food

Masikryong Ski Resort (마식령 스키 리조트)

The room


Dining area


4 Jun 15

Masikryong Ski Resort (마식령 스키 리조트) main lobby

Ulim (Echo) Waterfall (운림폭포/雲林瀑布)

Rock balancing

Back to Pyongyang, the Ryugyong Hotel is so tall that it can be easily seen far away

Lunch at Koryo Hotel 고려호텔 高麗호텔

Koryo Hotel 고려호텔 高麗호텔

The room


Goats on the street

Birthplace of Kim Il Sung - Mangyongdae

Amusement park

Tram Ride: Man'gyŏngdae (만경대; 萬景臺) — P'yŏngyang-yŏk (평양역; 平壤驛)

Pyongyang Station 평양역 平壤驛

Tower of Immortality 영생탑 永生塔

Samtaesong Soft Drinks Café 삼대성

Fried chicken

The waffle was a little obscene

Tiger Bone Liquor

Traffic man

Stamp museum

Stamp museum


Back to Koryo Hotel


5 Jun 15

View from the Koryo hotel

Dining area

Taesongsan Revolutionary Martyrs' Cemetery (대성산혁명렬사릉; 大城山革命烈士陵)

The tombs are arranged in a manner that each figure is not blocked and able to see the view of Pyongyang

Traffic girl

Chŏllima 천리마

Socialist Revolution monument 萬壽臺大紀念碑浮雕

Mansu Hill Grand Monument 萬壽臺大紀念碑

Grand People's Study House 인민대학습당 人民大學習堂

Locals using the Intranet to search for their books

A self-study area

Lesson in progress


Break time from Chinese lesson

Little snack shop

Music and audio room

Conservation of electricity

Panoramic from the top floor

Juche Tower 주체사상탑 主體思想塔

Potongmun 보통문 普通門


Air rifle shooting

Indoor shooting range

Traffic girls changing shift

Hair dresser shop


Cold noodles

Victorious Fatherland Liberation War Museum 조국해방전쟁승리기념관

Damaged US planes

Captured helicopter

US Spy Ship “Pueblo”

Display in US Spy Ship “Pueblo”

Radio room


One of our guides, Miss Pak, singing the Pangapsumida

Farewell dinner



Pyongyang Station 평양역 平壤驛 at night


6 Jun 15

Good bye Pyongyang


Flight delayed

Honey from DPRK


More pictures: Tour to Democratic People's Republic of Korea (30 May - 6 Jun 2015)